The Flying Dewaele Brothers 2


  • This is an exact copy of Mixsession 2 (see that mix for track listing and more notes).
  • The cover artwork is mostly references to Lucha Libre (masked wrestling) and several wrestlers. Lucha Libre Cabron seems to translate to something akin to “Free Wrestling Motherfuckers”. I am very curious as to what the connection is between this and Soulwax or this particular mix.
  • The tracklist is rather weird. For example, track 3 is a part of the Eye Wish I Was A Tiger mashup (track 2). Track 10 has a reference to Funky Cold Medina, but that track is a part of the Flat Cold Medina mashup (track 5). Tracks 13, 14, 15 and 16 are probably all the Moroder Mix.
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