Hang The DJ #10

Originally broadcast on Studio Brussel on Friday November 9, 2001.

*Intro (Dum dum dum dum)
*Barry White - You Gotta Case
*Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Jess & Crabbe Remix)
*Chemical Brothers - Base 6
*The Flying Lizards - Sex Machine
*The Cat In Da Hat - The Real Box Revamped
*Thee Jamie Starr Scenario - Welcome 2 Thee Lite
*Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
*De Buffalo’s - De Gantoise
*Untitled (Mashup)Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Running (Intro)Funkacise Gang - Funkacise
*The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood
*Sexafonic - Because (Def Offenders Remix)
*Wildbunch - Danger! High Voltage
*Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Bushwacka! Remix)
*DJ Hell - Suicide Commando
*Ray Mang - Playa De Londres
*Thomas Schumacher ft. Kaori - Good Life
*La Yellow 357 - Quelle Sensation Bizarre
*Glenn Underground - I Feel Dub (Mashup)Donna Summer - I Feel LoveGiorgio Moroder - The Chase
*Louie Austen - Grab My Shaft
*Dj Rollifingaz - Ugly
*Ice T - You Played Yourself
*Steve Miller Band - Macho City
*Freq Nasty - Boomin’ Back Atcha
*Queens Of The Stone Age - Monsters In The Parasol
*Polyester - J’Aime Regarder Les Mecs (Maxi Mix)
*Starfighter - Groovin’ On Ecstacy (DJ 4T4 Remix)

Used in


  • Not to sure about “Killer Don’t Do It” in the beginning.
  • Wildbunch later changed their name to Electric Six
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