Untitled Mix 1

*Intro (Dianne Brill)
*Daft Punk - Daftendirect
*Daft Punk - WPDK 83.7 Fm
*Freeez - I.O.U.
*Hamilton Bohannon - I Wanna Sing
*Lyn Collins - Think (About It)
*Roxanne Shante - My Groove Gets Better
*Snap - The Power
*Destiny’s Child - Bugaboo
*Wise Guys - Start The Commotion
*Monsoon - Ever So Lonely
*Prince Medley (Mashup)Prince - MountainsPrince - Another LoverSheila E - Koo KooPrince - Paisley ParkPrince - KissPrince - Girls And BoysPrince - La La La He He HePrince - Raspberry Beret
*Placebo - Without You I’m Nothing (Remix)
*Soulwax - Conversation Intercom (Vocoder Mix)
*E.L.O. - Sweet Talking Woman
*Queens Of The Stone Age - Regular John

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  • This mix is sometimes found labeled “Hank The DJ Vol. 1″.
  • The introduction is Dianne Brill introducing Yello at their live concert at The Roxy (NYC) on New Year’s Eve 1983.
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